Mortal Kombat II



I love this outfit, and I love going Old Skool!!! Kitana was always my favorite MK girl. And I can remember playing as her when I played against my dad, many years ago. And Finally I get to bring her to life. The costume is very straight forward but there were a few difficult parts. I made my own boot covers, giving myself heels as a personal touch to the costume. I made gloves for the first time, and even though there were a few things about them they came out a little awkward, I am very proud of them. Also, I made the mask out of a medical mask, and just covered it with the blue spandex. I was a dummy and forgot my fans that I took hours to paint... But I will be putting this costume on again (With a Mileena and a Jade hopefully) And my fans. I'm excited!!


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Series Mortal Kombat II
Character Kitana


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