This happened a lot sooner than I expected XD

I bought the shirt from Wal-Mart, and it has to be the best thign I've ever gotten from that place.
I didn't even expect to find it, but there it was, the last one chillin' in the PJ section.
So I snatched that sucker up.

I bought the pants from a store called Rue 21. They're men's jeans and they are so fantastic. I love the pockets XD

And I didn't think I'd have this costume put together until March, for my next con, but surprisingly it came together very quickly!!

I just have to add a piece of white fabric to the chest area (where the buttons are) but I'll get to that... eventually lol.


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Series D.Gray-man
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Variant Casual


momoiru1994 love your casual ^^

TMLiza I like your casual Lavi. ^_^. Good job.