Basicly a zombie. Blood, gore, torn flesh.

This is a fast version with low amount of blood and low on latex. I ordered the latex appliances online and used basic 'Spirit Gum' to attach them. I then used a thin layer of liquid latex on the edges to smooth them down. I followed up by using 'Death Wheel' makeup. This was applied with a stipling spoong then rub'd in followed up with the stipling spoong again to give the bruising effect around the wounds. At this point I used standard stage blood to create the blood runs. (Note: Stage Blood dries really fast and becomes flaky)

Next I would normally apply my custom thick blood mix. (I didn't use it here because I forgot to get the materials to mix some up) I make this by mixing red Koolaid with vasoline and some cheep red food coloring. This produces a really think red paste like materal that will stay in place and remain 'fresh' looking at all times.


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