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Cost to make: $25

I really enjoy wearing this cosplay, but the makeup takes about an hour to do properly.

Wig: $10 wig from Value Village purchased last year. For the Halloween Town costume, I tied back the wig with a black ribbon with white spider webs drawn on the ribbon.

Dress shirt: I bought a dress shirt second hand at the thrift store, and took a pair of scissors and an exacto knife to it, cutting and ripping it to make it seem as though Ansem went berserk and killed everything. The blood on it was done with actual proper fake blood and acrylic craft paint. Though primarily the fake blood. Most of it was literally tossed onto the shirt.

Pants: A pair of black, cargo-esque pants. That's it.

Boots: Bought at Value Village.

Mask: Bought at Michael's. All I did was adjust the elastic a bit.

Makeup: For around my eyes, I use black cream makeup, and eyeliner. I use eyeliner directly around the eye, and the cream makeup for everything else. I use a Q-tip to apply and spread it. For the fake blood, I take a paint brush and apply it either in a solid, or let it drip down my arm. The total makeup process takes an hour to do, with drying time add an extra 20-30 minutes.

Version: Bloodthirsty vampire


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