Nefretiri and Moses

The Ten Commandments film (1956)



My costume versions of Nefretiri (Anne Baxter) and Moses (Charlton Heston) from the 1956 "The Ten Commandments" film.

Nefretiri is modeled by me and Moses is modeled by my boyfriend, but both costumes and accessories were fully made/put together by me. I'm quite happy with the results. I've been a fan of this film for an eternity and felt it was time to pay homage to it's greatness.

Oh, since I had no Pharaoh (or a Yul Brynner) available, my TuttyBear kindly provided a stand-in for the romantic kissing scene... ;-P

*{On a side note, one of my pet peeves about Anne's costume was that she didn't have the black colored hair and Egyptian eyemakeup that Ancient Egypt is known for--so I've added those minor alterations into my version for my own effect. :)}*


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Series The Ten Commandments film (1956)
Character Nefretiri and Moses
Variant One of Nefretiri's MANY Outfits, Moses' "Post Burning Bush"Outfit


hellbelle Thanks!

gypsy_girl Excellent costume. Really well done. For a simple costume, in some ways, there are lots of wonderful details.

hellbelle Thank you!

Mohmoh amazing costumes!