Ms. Frizzle

The Magic School Bus



This is my Ms. Frizzle costume, space dress version~!

I was inspired to cosplay Ms. Frizzle by nostagically watching the Magic School Bus and wishing that I had an excuse to wear her fabulous clothes (especially the earrings, seeing how I have an earring obsession). Thus, this idea was born!

The dress is a vintage 80's does 50's piece I picked up for cheap off of ebay and delicately sewed felt space stuff to, the shoes were a wonderful find at Payless, and the wig is from amphigory, a wonderful two-toned curly monstrosity that was absolutely perfect for what I wanted (the blonde in the front and red in the back, like in the cartoon series, versus the solid red of the books). Liz was also purchased off of ebay, and my bad was painstakingly hand painted with love (and the desire to have it to carry EVERYWHERE).

My next Frizz plan is the dinosaur dress, hopefully coming next year to a con somewhere in the midwest! X3


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Series The Magic School Bus
Character Ms. Frizzle


sagittarius_1 This. you. are so. AMAZING!

Marillawen OH. my gosh. This is amazing! :D