Costume made with and of salt. Salt costume.

The pattern for the bodice was hand drafted to match the seams in the movie; it is made with an inner layer of coutil, and has steel bones. Piping on the corset is hand made bias tape from silk dupioni. I hand dyed the corset fabric, and then screen printed it with Rapunzel’s flowery print which I hand drew out for my screen. The skirt is also hand dyed and screen printed with hand painting in the middle panel over the screen print to give it a metallic sheen. I'm currently working on hand embroidering the designs around the bottom of the skirt, not sure if that'll ever be finished since it takes yearsss and I'm lazy haha.

Remade my corset for ALA 2012; I made some alterations to my pattern draft, hand dyed the fabric again, but this time used cotton twill for interlining.


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Series Tangled
Character Rapunzel
Variant Braid + Brunette versions


shsoregonian I'm trying to make a repunzel costume but have little sewing experience. I found this pattern for the corset (http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m4107-products-1009.php?page_id=915) but was wondering how you did the skirt/shirt/dress part? Any help would be great because I'm on a time limit. :/

kojirojames2004 She's been at Disneyland on Halloween with the real character in her short hair version. Flynn wasn't there, otherwise he would have done a double take!

DemonBarberST Love your Rapunzel! So well done!

Cheyenne Rayne This is so adorable and so well done!

alan from mars wow, i agree with samwise you absolutley would be perfect at disneyland :) and i love how you can cosplay a perfect rapunzel and also a perfect fang

Samwise32 Have you considered working at Disneyland? You'd be PERFECT!!!!

carladawn OMG hi!! I was one of the other Rapunzels at Fanime. So nice to see you on here!! I'm going to try to find your dA. :D