candyland as Ashe


Final Fantasy XII

Cosplayer: candyland
I was really fortunate when it came to cosplays this year, as this entire cosplay was a gift from my very dear friend!! He'd had it sitting in his closet unused for quite a few years, so he offered it to me for use! So sweet!! :D
It required a lot of altering and work, and I learned a lot about sewing with this project!! The top had to be completely altered, as well as many of the little props here and there, and there are still a few things that need to be fixed. For example, the armor, though you can't see in the pictures, has straps that criss-cross in the back, and then connect with velcro. Unfortunately, this velcro does not stick very well to the foam, so those will have to be redone at one point in the future. Also, the shoes I made for the cosplay? MURDER! They make my feet cry!! TT^TT
Also, I took so artistic freedom in adding the black shorts and the tights. I'm sorry that this takes away from the accuracy, but my motto in cosplay is that I have to feel happy and comfortable in whatever I'm wearing, or else I won't wear it! Plus I don't think anyone would want to see me in her loin-cloth skirt thingy without them, haha!! ;D