base wig from epiccosplay. I put it up into a ponytail and styled it myself. Color is caramel blond, for those who are interested. I don't remember exactly which wig it was, but I know it was one of the uber long ones. The ponytail has a dowel in the middle to keep it up, and it has fishing line going through it to help the cross not be as back heavy.

The cross is made by me, it is made from those craft wood pieces from AC moore. I bought a bunch of them and glued them together, drilled a hole in the middle, and beveled the outside. Spray painted gold, finished with a varnish, and glossed.

The jacket was made by my girlfriend, however I added the trim, chains, and buttons.

I made the shirt but bought the pants. The boots are also store bought
Contacts from exotic lenses, they are the angellic yellows.

My wings:
I will be happy to point people in the right direction for making these wings. I will not provide any tutorial, even if paid. My reasoning for this is as follows:

1. I dont actually remember step-by-step what I did. These wings took a lot of money AND trial and error, and a lot of steps got lost along the way.

2. This required a lot of hard work, research, brain and muscle power. It also took a team of three people to complete. Please. Please. PLEASE respect this. When I first started these wings, I was really pissed because people didnt offer a lot of information. However, upon completion, I understood why. These wings cost me a lot of heartache.

3. These wings are constructed per body type. Someone who is small framed would need different material and measurements.

4. These wings are HEAVY. Not unbarebly so, but they are. Especially when locked in the back position, and closed. I do not want to be responsible for people constructing these wings and hurting their back [as I did], arms, or neck. They are straining AND ARE NOT TO BE WORN FOR AN EXTENDED AMOUNT OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT CARE HOW STRONG YOU ARE.

5. The process is dangerous. It involves rewiring, covering, cutting wire, and dealing with motors, batteries, and computer boards. It is easy to cut yourself and shock yourself, and again I do not want to be responsible for people harming themselves. My fingers took a lot of damage with these babies lol

All in all, this costume is my favorite thus far. It took a lot of work, a lot of time, and... a LOT of patience. It was the first time I really constucted something from scratch. It was tedious, heart aching, [back aching], and the end result was... well, it was worth it in my opinion. I adore how it came out, and I will be wearing it to many more conventions to come.


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DespairedPheonix I can't reply nor can I PM you so I'm going to post it here in case you come back! My girlfriend cosplayed Dark, and she got the Punky wig from coscom and redid the wefts; I've never cosplayed Dark myself so thats the only advice I have for you ^^; Wings: Please bare in mind... I put a lot of time AND MONEY into these wings, so my method wasn't exactly the cheap way of doing this ^^; I covered a lot of it in my costume description, but after wearing them I have a few extra tips to offer: Make sure you leave a hole somewhere by the joints. You may need to repair them every so often. I STRONGLY reccomend using metal or PVC piping for the frame. My girlfriend used wood, and it kept cracking at the joints. If you're trying to make these wings move, and have no engineering abilities, I strongly reccomend this tutorial: this is how I started, and from there I learned other ways to make them. I still use many tips and tricks from this tutorial. For standard, non moving wings, I reccomend PVC piping with a heat gun. Feathers: I used Fabric feathers for the long feathers on my wings. Incidentally, I wound up taking them off cuz I made them too long. However, fabric feathers CAN be a cheap alternative to real feathers. I reccomend this tutorial here: If you are looking to use real feathers, like most cosplayers on this site, I reccomend this place here: The only problem with using real feathers is you don't get the extra long flight feathers. I did, however, figure out a way to get around that by cutting (with hedge clippers mind you) the bone of the feather and inserting another feather into it if that makes any sense. Design of feathers: Well, of course aesthetic is also important. I researched many bird wings until I found a type of wing I wanted. I based mine off of a hawk wing. Just look up "bird wing" in google images or on DeviantArt to find some good images :) The Harness: This part was the most difficult. I thought up many ways on how to do this, but the best way, since my wings were 15 feet long, I chose to model after a parachute harness. I reccomend this method, but I also reccomend using an old military backpack. That, however, can get expensive, but it's worth it. Both methods require holes in the back of your costume. I haven't found a way around that yet.

PrincessKaori87 I love your costume. I've crossplayed as Dark a few years ago and would love to revamp my costume. I need a new wig and most likely new wings. Are there any tips you can give me to help out?