Evil Rose

Rumble Roses



A part of me is at odds with it self to think that this original idea design came to me out of Rumble Roses...
Not suer how or why other then I had lots of red pleather round with no use for it and something about EvilRoses's characters and outfit caught my eye. Right time, right place idk...Bottom line is something came of it.
This outfit went through about three different designs the key to the outfit being the question, "Would I be comfortable putting it on and walking round con in it?" I wanted to keep with the bondage theme of Evil Rose but also wanted to incorporate a bit of her Noble Roses side as well. This meant toning down the bondage and making some of its details a bit more subtle.


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Rumble Roses
Character Evil Rose
Variant original design take off


Jia Jem DAYUM. What was the inspiration/influence for this? It's a totally gorgeous design! You look amazing!

Kayobreaker lol didnt think id see this at this late hour haha