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ok...will start from head to toe XD

wig was styled by innovators (dA). helped me clip it up and all much appreciated! i had no idea where to start for that wig until she came along -_-"""

hairpieces: hahahaha oh man you will laugh when i tell you what they are. butterfly clip is made of foam and painted like crazy. the 2 strings of silver rectangles are just beads from Michael's that are attached to bobby pins. the 3 prongs/silver and gold ones are painted 'forks' you get from mooncake tins. and ribbon is attached to a skewer that you get at burger joints to hold your burger together...yes. my awesome hairpieces lol.

earrings: the beads were white then painted purple as for some odd reason the stores had every other colour except for purple. they were heavy little buggers.

main body came in two pieces: top and skirt. the top is a basic tube top idea. the skirt is actually 3 layers of skirt sewn together so it got a little heavy XD the design on the skirt was painted on. the main purple layer (top layer) is a false suede which was easy to paint and frayed very little. second layer is the magenta/fuchsia colour which is a silky satin material. and the white is a thick material that i found in the bargain bins XD the purple suede part of the skirt is lined with a dark blue fabric that i also found in the bargain centre.

obi: was o.o lol please do not ask how i did the knot because i do not even know how it came to be lol. i was just playing with it and poof! the knot appeared lol. the knot is two colours of curtain cord glued on to the obi. orange part under the obi was attached to the main dark purple piece. fabric again was found in bargain bins XD i loved the texture and colour it was. so in the basket it went. main dark purple sash was same silk/satin material that the magenta/fuchsia one the sleeves and skirt were made of. the designs on the sash was me spending hours into the late night cutting, gluing, appliqueing flowers from one piece of fabric to the dark purple. this was the awesome night my neighbors decided to order pizza at 2am in the morning and scaring the beejeebers out of me when the pizza guy shines his flashlight into my house since he sees lights on. yeah after that night i worked in the back of the house -_-''' anyways the bow i had practice with as i made a bow prior to for a different obi and kimono. just added stiff interfacing, fan folded it, sewed it together, stuck a wire in it so i could remove it semi like a real obi bow.

moving on to the sleeves: material is a silk/satin that was painted purple to get a gradient effect. did not want to risk spraying it and knew it probably wouldn't have worked well due to the nature of the fabric. designs on the sleeves were painted by ~lilaznfreak. much thanks! i was away the week before the con so she really helped by painting those on for me. black piece is an elastic and the white fabric was sewn on behind it. grommets were then added on and i strung through a golden yellow/orange ribbon through. then attached the tassels on the end and tied it all together.

snake around my leg is like a plushie with a wire running through was frustrating trying to stuff that thing with wire and padding o_o plus that fabric i bought frayed so much that i need to fray check it while hand sewing the holes closed that came apart when i was stuffing it and from the fraying. i glued on tiny red crystals for eyes. the snake is pinned on to a pair of shorts under the skirt.

shoes: i did not want to do those wooden block i found a pair of pink flip flops. later i found some flip flop wedges so have two pairs of shoes...comfy XD

overall i loved wearing this costume. i love how all the pieces fit together. i chose it in the first place because i was going through purple phase and wanted to work with and wear something purple. who better to wear than Nouhime lol.

time to make: 2-3 weeks
cost: astronomical o.o over $100 (but not as much as da qiaos) why is it my koei costumes are costing me a bundle?


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