Kingdom Hearts II



This is the finished version of MV Kairi's dress. The cloth wasnt my favorite (its like.....bedsheet cloth) so it wasnt really an improvement from the first one.

Twas a last minute cosplay, made in 1 week
The zippers are silver. After I sharpie it.


So after a lonnggg time of gathering stuff, I've finally completed Kairi. For the most part. I think it is time that I move on to other cosplays :)


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Kairi


Santana Cosplay I think I saw you at Ohayocon! You were in line with me to be pre-judged at the cosplay contest, right? xD I was Horo. You did a great job on this costume!

KairiGalaga Wow!You are so pretty!This one of THE BEST Kairi cosplays I have ever seen. ;D You did great!

KnightJeran It looks good and fits you well!