Kanji Tatsumi

Persona 4



I take pretty much no credit for this costume. I modded a tiny bit, but most was bought.
After a couple attempts at the pants and jacket, I decided that I'd rather commission this time instead of having a fugly getup.
Also, Kanji was my fav P4 character because to me, he was the one who grew the most throughout the game.


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Series Persona 4
Character Kanji Tatsumi


mewcookie Oh hey, I found your CosCom! I was the weekend!Naoto at DTAC. This costume is awesome, you really bring Kanji to life. :D

Kikari Redblood Lol all I can think of is "Are you sayin I like dudes?!" This is so perfect, thanks! Inspires me to do an awesome Chie! X)