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I thought it would be easy because there was virtually no sewing involved, but it took a little more time than I thought!

The top part I made out of a bought purple sports bra, and I sewed some cotton fabric to the inside. The tights were store-bought, as were the shoes. The sleeves and mask were made of store-bought tights. The dangling skirt bit was some bought fabric cut up.

The straps used to tie around my hair, abdomen, legs, and arms is made out of cotton fabric that I cut into strips, and stained it by emerging it in coffee.

The shoulder armor was what took so long.
I was unsuccessful with my first attempt at craft foam, and then unsuccessful with oven-baked clay.
I ended up getting help with forming some aluminum and copper wire around my shoulder so I could use that as a mold for a place for it to dry. Then I took some fabric and shaped it around my shoulder to get the right shape and got someone to trace it. Then I traced the fabric onto some craft foam, cut it out, and put it in the oven for less than a minute. When each piece came out, I put it on my shoulder, and got someone to press it down on me until it cooled.
Once that was done, I put it on the aluminum molds, and painted them with gesso paint, two layers each, and let it dry. Then lathered them in white glue and let it dry. Then I painted them. After it was dry, I hot-glued velcro to the inside front corner of each pauldron, and to the top of each strap, so that it would stick to the front.

The weapon I made out of some condensed cardboard I got from an art store (next to the illustration board). I used hot glue to put it together, and then painted it with silver paint.


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