Final Fantasy XII



So, this would be my first ever attempt at making armour. Quite why I decided on such a complex outfit to begin with is, and shall remain, a mystery. Still, if you're going to do something, might as well jump in at the deep end.

All the armour is made by me and a very sharp knife hacking 2mm craft foam into numerous tiny pieces and glueing them (and my fingers) together. As with most armour of this kind, the whole lot is covered in a water / PVA mix to seal and protect it. Colouring is done through a nice acrylic black spray paint, then polished with Rub'n'Buff in Ebony, which gives it nice, almost leathery finish.

The bodice is a heavily modified corset, and a marvel of structural engineering. It's covered by more foam armour and two panels of 4-in-1 chainmail, made by hand to fit.

The whole lot fastened together by velcro, concealed beneath extra armour panels, and held up by tied elastic - I never wanted to wear tights with this, so had to come up with another solution.


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Fran


DarkFF666 Your Fran is simply amazing ! Great job on the details =)

Thearah Fran was my first armor attempt as well! Really though, this looks SO amazing!

AshofRebirth I just wanted to let you know, you've just inspired me to attempt to do Fran again @[email protected] Always wanted to do her, but I kept dropping her for other projects. Seeing this is like WOW inspiration <3 Haha. Your construction is very clean! Keep up the good work!