Rene Randall

Valkyria Chronicles



And I FINALLY have a Valkyria Chronicles cosplay!

Rene is one of my favourite characters from VCII. Tomboyish and cute, strong but insecure. And the way she cares about her friends is adorable.

Her anti-tank lance is made with a PVC water pipe, hard paper, EVA / craft foam and some soda bottles. Painting with acrylic paint and golden glitter mixed with synthetic shellac varnish.

I decided to put both Summer and Winter versions as the same costume, because they're only a sweater away from each other.


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Series Valkyria Chronicles
Character Rene Randall


Vault21 Great cosplay. I love seeing people cosplay characters from this came.

Elfadosventos It's great to cosplay a character we love and identify as! =3 I'm sure Rene was made for you! And i think VCII needs more love! u.u Nice pic collection! I hope you get a group sometime! =)