Ghost Princess

Adventure Time



My friend was going to cosplay Fionna at OMGcon, and I was wanting to cosplay from the show too sometime. Then two days before we left I figured I could throw together a closet cosplay of Ghost Princess. <3 I had only seen her in one episode, and my friend had never heard of her, but she's still one of my favorites. The dress is the one I made to cosplay Kayako, but I never got around to getting the body paint. The crown was whipped up from a transparent folder, and the wig was borrowed from my friend. I ended up not getting to cosplay her at the convention, but we did run outside the hotel and take photos, so that was fun enough for me. ^u^ I really want to cosplay her again sometime, and this time actually do it at the con. LOL


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Series Adventure Time
Character Ghost Princess


Starkravingmado Awesome! way to represent the minor characters! XD Ghost princess is pretty radical. Both of you look great.