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I'm a little indecisive to say the least, so I hadn't completely decided on who I wanted to cosplay for Anime USA till a week before the con.

Catsuit was gotten off Nawtyfox.com

I made the scythe out of PVC pipe, foam, wood glue, paper mache, and smoothed the surface with paper clay.

For the helmet, I bought one off amazon for $60. By the time I actually HAD the helmet, I think I had three or four days left till the con. I had NO clue how to go about this and read all the tutorials online that I could. I pretty much just taped on some cardboard and layered it with bondo. After sanding the dry bondo, I molded the shape with paper clay....lots and lots of paper clay. And let me tell you...paper clay does NOT dry fast by ANY means lol! I eventually used a hair dryer. Unfortunetally I didn't have time to finish evening out the ears so they are kinda lumpy, but you can't tell too much in pictures.

By the time I finished sculpting the anime con was the next day. I spray painted the whole thing yellow (which a cheap little doctors mask....I'm sure I'm going to get cancer haha). It seemed to dry a little funny because it was very cold outside, and by the time my friend was picking me up to go I had only JUST finished putting on the blue markings.

The blue paint ended up seeping under the tape for the 'S' marking. And the tape peeled off some of the yellow paint &gt;_< I was able to touch it up and take it outside the 2nd day of the con to spray on sealer. Everyone in the room said it smelled really strongly of paint. I couldn't smell a thing XD Sorry guys!!!

Lesson learned. Start a cosplay WAAAAAYYY ahead of time....and find something cheaper than paper clay O_O


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Character Celty Sturluson


DizzieDee Woah your Celty is totally epic!

YeyeC That is soooo awesome, you look amazing! but I was wondering, what size was the helmet you bought?

carrottopgeisha This is awesome! so cool lls you did a good job.