Elizabeth Middleford




Crazy last minute cosplay!
I found out about 3 weeks prior to Ayacon that I could attend, and low and behold, I had no cosplay prepared!
My friend really wanted to do this version at some point so we chose then to do it

The first week was planning for Ayacon whilst I waited for my Ciel to be done with the design for me to follow, and then we went off fabric shopping the next saturday.
I spent about a week sewing this considering I had work and my dance lesson to attend, but I managed to get it finished and I am very pleased with it.
I managed to get 6m of a really nice heavy cotton blend, perfect for the dress, for only £1.25 per Meter!!! Only draw back is..... that it was plain brown... which meant I had the sew the gold diamond pattern on myself.


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Elizabeth Middleford
Variant Valentines Day cover art


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