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Tinker Bell



Tinker Bell - my favorite character ever! I love her attitude and a lot of my friends say that we are similar XD
I think that I had Tinkerbellmania - I collect things with her, most part of my clothes is with pictures with Tinker Bell and my own mascot - little golden Tinkerbell on neck. When my friends see Tinker Bell, they think about me...and I find it cute ^^"
So, Tink's outfit - it is my cosplay dream and I'm glad that this dream came true! Many thanks to my mom, who helped me make this costume perfect! We tried to make the costume look like a costume from Disneyland (to work at Disneyland - my dream!), but I was very inspired by the French cosplayer Clef, because she is perfect Tinker Bell for me!
I hope you enjoy the result.

Dress sewn from hand-paited silk and there is corset inside. I decided to make the costume according to the animated film Tinker Bell (as opposed to a Peter Pan costume it shows the texture of the leaf).

It's yellow wig with bunch from eBay (seller - ayanamisatoru). I used the same wig for Akita Neru cosplay (Vocaloid). It styling with hair spray and a hot dryer.

I'm in love with this wings!!! *__* The wings are made by FancyFairy. At first I was worried that they do not deliver to Russia but when I found out that they can send a parcel to me I was in seventh heaven! The wings are very light and do not have straps.

This is the usual ballet flats, painted the color of the dress. Pompons matted my mom ^w^

Watch our Disney perfomance on YouTube!


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KoriStarfire Incredible! I love it and I love your Periwinkle too! Both are just gorgeous!

Mohmoh so cute, charming and cocky!

FireSpyro You look amazing! A brilliant Tinkerbell! And I want to work at Disneyland too! I'll be Belle, you beTinkerbell... well thats 2 done =)

carladawn This is soooo wonderful!

Narnian Beautiful Tinkerbell! You look like just like her!

Melizenn You're one of the cutest Tinkerbell in the world! Great craftmanship and good choice for the character!

Ammie *___* I love the dress, the wig, the wings everything!!! If I didn't know any better I would say you are the real life TinkerBell!! Beautiful work!