Kanti Kane as Argorok


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Cosplayer: Kanti Kane
I've always wanted a costume with oversized wings, so I decided to go about it in a way that would allow me to control the wings completely so I wouldn't be bothered when it came to walking through doors and stuff. To do this, I decided to do a wyvern- a dragon whos front legs also function as wings. That way, you can control your wings as well as you can your arms!

Anyway, I decided to do Argorok because I looove his wing shape. He was always a very beautifully designed yet simple monster. His simplistic scales and lack of complex body design and spikes were what made me choose him in the end.

So far, however, I've only debuted him as a "skyrim dragon" simply because I didn't have the overall armor done, nor did I think anyone would actually recognize me if I were to tell them who I actually was.

To see a video of the wing movement in action:
at 5:07