Sven Vollfied

Black Cat (manga)



Not much to say here.

The white suit I had for November 11. The briefcase was a prop for another series that fell through. I figured that with about $50, I could make another cosplay.

You know, because I needed a third character from a mildly obscure series.

So the hat was an eBay find. I matched and attached the band myself. The wig is Arda's Magnum model in Olive (CL2). It's a lovely hunter green despite the color's name.

The facial hair was made simply from taking loose trimming from the wig and attaching with spirit gum.

I realize now that my utter clumsiness + eye patch = running into everyone and everything ever.

I was rather surprised by the recognition in this costume. ^_^

Eau de Decus as Shiki
Kendama Master as Train Heartnet


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Series Black Cat (manga)
Character Sven Vollfied


Ai no Miko Sveeeeeeeeeen Vooooolfiiiiiieeed! Auhhg. I am such a fan Black Cat fan, and this is awesome! You pull off the look so well and the cosplay looks very well made. I LOVE the idea of the trimmings from the wig to use for your goatee, most resourceful and it looks super good. Gah, just very well done!

LinkPwnsGanon A fantastic Sven! :D You look really cool!