Catzi/ Koan

Sailor Moon R



I'm always pretty bad at underestimating how complicated a costume is going to be & this is a perfect example haha.
There was 18 yards of tulle that went into this tutu. Started out with 4 & wow was that not enough! 9 yards of black & 9 yards of royal purple. Catzi can't have a sad tutu now, so it just made sense!
It was my first time stubbing a wig & I wish I had gotten extensions. I ordered it from Arda wigs (Tthey are seriously amazing guys! Fast shipping & awesome quality!) But it wasn't as full as I thought I would be able to make it. I ended up painting the styrofoam cones the color of the wig to hide any parts that the cut pieces didn't cover. It surprisingly wasn't super noticeable once I got all the hot glue remnants off of it.
My friend & I casted our own gems. That was probably the least stressful of all of it. Just don't think you can add a shit ton of color to make it darker because the resin will just become diseased looking.
Lastly, the body suit is actually men's dance tights & an Underamour brand long sleeve shirt. I'm 6' so it's really hard to find bodysuits that are long enough for me at a good price. We dyed the two pieces & it worked great! Also, much easier to use the bathroom during con with separate pants.
If you have any questions or ever want to cosplay as Catzi, don't hesitate to message me!


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Series Sailor Moon R
Character Catzi/ Koan
Variant Koan Catzi Catsy Cooan


aegisrose Hi Kat! I know this has been a while, but I'm wondering how you did the achieve the stripes on the shirt/dance tights?