Dirk Strider




This costume was a commission from my friend gracefulAggressor.

First God Tier cosplay I've ever made! And he proved to be more a challenge than initially expected.

The hood, cape, gloves, and outer layer of the pants are all made of a type of stretch satin (I used the wrong side out so no shine). The shirt and inner layer of the pants, as well as the bands on the bottoms of the pants are broadcloth.

The hood and cape I made following a tutorial I found on tumblr, with some modification to make the cape accurate (their pattern indicated one point, when the cape has two). I made the hood first and then the cape, carefully hand sewing the cape to the hood. While the hood isn't lined I did take pinking shears to the inside, and the cape is doubled.

The pants are two layered so that I could make the poof right. Inside the bands at the bottoms are elastics to keep their shape, and were carefully sewn to the bottom with the machine. Inside the poofy part of the legs is some mild stuffing to help keep their shape.

The shirt is modified from the Matrix coat pattern from Simplicity to fit him as a shirt. The Heart symbol is delicately painted on by hand.

To make the crown I first made a pattern based off my own measurements and added about an inch. The crown is two pieces of craft foam sandwiched together with hot glue. On the underside of the crown are two hair clips so that it will simply clip into the wig. Of course hand painted.

The gloves were the last things made as they needed to be a perfect custom fit. To do this I traced around his hand and forearm to get the right shape and size.

The tights, shoes, glasses and wig are his own doing.


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