Satsuki Kiryuin

Kill la Kill

A fun, easy-to-wear, cool cosplay to wear after I die in Junketsu Override. I managed to finish it in about a week and a half, so I could wear it before it got too cold out. Now, though, I have to put it away until MTAC. u_u


SHOULDER HOLSTER: Black duckcloth shoulder straps stuffed with cotton batting. Nylon straps for the front/back closures and plastic belt buckles. The guns are airsoft guns from Amazon. I made the holsters out of scraps of duckcloth and nylon straps, with heavy duty snaps to close them. The Nudist Beach patch is from storenvy.

BATHING SUIT: Bandeau and cheeky bottom from Victoria's Secret.

BELT: Five small pouches from an online store called Rescue Essentials. Because the pouches were backed with heavy duty velcro, I sewed felt squares onto a piece of nylon strap and then attached the pouches to each square. The buttons are fabric covered with duckcloth to match the top holster. Secured with a plastic buckle.

BOOTS: Not 100% accurate, but I like how they look. Military boots that I use on the daily with black socks.

GLOVE: Reused from my Mami cosplay.

WIG: Arda's Venus in 064 Black. Will be replaced with a wig from Epic Cosplay to reduce the tangle factor.

BAKUZAN GAKO/KORYU: To be commissioned by my friend for cons starting in Spring 2015.
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Series Kill la Kill
Character Satsuki Kiryuin
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