d'Arda Sisters as Lenne


Final Fantasy X-2

Cosplayer: d'Arda Sisters
Costume made and modeled by: Noelle d'Arda

This was the very first costume I ever made and is responsible for getting me into this cosplay madness lol!

I had the opportunity to perform a lyrical, ballet solo during a dance performance and chose the song "1,000 Words" as my music. I then decided to take it one step further and make the songstress costume to go along with it. Since I thought my personality would be more suited to Lenne's rather than Yuna, Lenne I became!

Later, I decided to wear it to my first convention and was surprised by the amount of positive feedback I received and have been hooked on cosplay ever since!

Construction notes:

- The top is made from navy blue spandex with hand-gathered, white, cotton ruffles.

- The half-skirt is cotton broad-cloth that I gradient-dyed from white to light grey.

- The boots started out as a pair of ankle-boots I found that had the right amount of heel for the songstress. I then made boot covers out of three layers of genuine, suede leather.

- The skirt is black lace from Hancock's BFF line and the belt is a belt blank from Tandy Leather which I painted with Angelus Leather Paint.

- The sleeves are made from chiffon and the ribbons are held in place with Hollywood Tape.

- The wig is a generic wig from Cosworx, which I've since replaced with a Le Tigre from Arda Wigs.

- Lastly, the earrings are glass beads strung on fishing line and attached to tiny, gold chains that are sewn onto a headband I wear under the wig. (No, they are not actually in my ears! I would die lol!! X_X )