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I was surprised to find that almost no one had cosplayed a Crimson Head zombie. Therefore, I chose to do it for Anime Revolution 2012 which fell on the same day as the Vancouver Zombie Walk and was located about 10 blocks away. I also organized and ran a "Zombie Photopocalypse" at the Anime Convention for those who had been at the Zombie Walk.

"When a zombie infected with a certain strain of the t-Virus has been incapacitated for some time, a process occurs in which the t-Virus will begin to run rampant throughout its systems, initiating a system known as V-ACT, more commonly known as a Crimson Head due to the color of its skin when in this state."

[MAKEUP] | All makeup used for numerous costumes and applications.
- Ben Nye Stageblood 32 Oz, $30 (Studio F/X)
- Kryolan Red Greaspaint, $6 (Studio F/X)
- Kryolan Black Greasepaint, $9 (Studio F/X)
- Kryolan Liquid Latex, $30 (Studio F/X)
- Ben Nye Sealer, $6 (Studio F/X)
- Pros-Aide, $12 (Studio F/X)
- Bald-cap, $5 (New York Novelties)
- White Contacts, $15 (Summer Nightmarket)

- Dress Shirt (Pre-Owned)
- Pants, ~$18 (Value Village)
- Blazer ~$15 (Value Village)
- Children's Sandals, $1.50 (Dollarama)

- Severed hand
- Brains

- Anime Revolution '12
- Vancouver Zombie Walk '12

Q: How was a barefoot appearance created?
A: This was a tough one. I needed to attend the convention center which required footwear, plus I was doing the Zombie Walk on pavement and didn't want to go with my feet bare. I went to the SFX Makeup store and they suggested I use Pros-Aide, which is a water-based medical adhesive. That means your sweat will not generally remove the makeup. I bought cheap children's sandals that were smaller than my actual feet so they would not show beneath my feet. Then I cut off the straps and painted them dark red around the edges to blend in with my feet. On the day of application, I applied Pros-Aide to the bottom of my feet and to the tops of the sandals, gave it time to get tacky, and then placed my foot down on it. They stuck for about 4-5 hours until they began to come off, at which point I had to reapply them.


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Tabatha Zee Amazing! I haven't seen too many crimson head cosplays out there, but yours is incredible! Very creative with the feet, too!