War pony (human form)


Before I knew about the MLP:FIM craze, I saw the Apocalypse pony skit on Robot chicken. I thought it was a clever idea, making my little pony characters inspired by the four horses of the apocalypse. Out of the 4 ponies, my favorite was War pony.

Some time after that, I discovered the MLP:FIM craze. I'll be honest, I've seen the show and think it's okay. But I really don't want the title of "Brony". Also granted that I really couldn't find a character in MLP:FIM worth cosplaying as, So I decided on War pony from the Apocalypse ponies.

Now about the cosplay- When I was deciding on this cosplay, I didn't know wether to go for a nordic viking style or a modern-day militant anarchist. One thing that helps when trying to find a character's direction is to listen to music that would work as the character's theme song. Songs like "Battle ready" by the band Otep and "Deadfall" by the band Crisis seemed to fit the best with the character, and so I decided on the militant anarchist style.

Anyway- This cosplay is made up of red camo BDU pants, a red "Anarchy" shirt, and a pair of fingerless gloves.
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Character War pony (human form)

AlaizabelCray I LOVED that sketch on Robot Chicken! This was a GREAT idea!

LinkPwnsGanon Yay for original ponies! xD

~H~ This is such a cool concept! I bet it would look great with a pair of ears too ^_-.

EnigmaSphinx Pinkie Pie approves!

momoiru1994 omg great!!!! nlove the idea! <3

Narnian Looks cool so far! I can't wait to see it finished!

Shana05 I like this idea. Can't wait to see it.