Selina Kyle

The Dark Knight Rises

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I had planned to go see The Dark Knight rises in an inspired-by ensemble. After realising that I had more Selina Kyle-esque things in my closet than I originally thought, one thing lead to another and off I went to do a Selina Kyle/Catwoman-inspired photoshoot.

This shoot ended up being very popular on my Facebook to where some folks mentioned that I should push the ensemble a bit further and make it into an actual costume. Let's see what I can put together in time for Dragoncon!

Photographers: David Merritt and Kirk Hughes

Hair & Makeup: Adriel Porter


@The Lady Nerd
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Series The Dark Knight Rises
Character Selina Kyle


jjackson05 Dragon Con! Did you make it this year? Your costume looks great btw. I'm working on a Chris Redfield one from Resident Evil: Afterlife. I'm going to wear it for Halloween and then, hopefully, take it to Dragon Con next year.