Winifred Sanderson

Hocus Pocus



This cosplay was foreseen for a group in 2010, then 2012 and now it is currently postponed.

In 2012 I worked a little on it during the first 3 months.

Something crazy I just HAVE to do! The movie is funny and spooky, it is actually my favourite Halloween movie. Bette Midler is just a fantastic actrice, she is a little like Whoopi - they are both "all around" actrices in my eyes. I am looking forward to scare the children, to be creepy and tease the visitors. :) Most of all pulling her off will be the biggest challenge on this cosplay.

- Wig styling by me
- Nails, shoes, panties are bought
(the shoes are actually already used for Beetlejuice)
- Dress, Jewellery and Cape made by me

Total costs: about 250€
Costume is sold in the meantime.


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Series Hocus Pocus
Character Winifred Sanderson
Variant Disney


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