artisticpsyco as Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core

Cosplayer: artisticpsyco
I really wish I had more time to work on this before debuting it! I had bought lace and ribbon to trim and place into the latticework on her dress but had so little time my friend Rae and I had to hot glue just the lace on right before heading out our hotel room.

The top half of the dress is a white stretchy cotton and the bottom half is some kind of gauzy linen I happened upon at Fabrics R Us. The blueish bows and collarline were made by sewing thin tubes of fabric, braiding them together then hand-sewing them on.

Each flower is hand-stitched on and the pink undershirt is one I already owned.

The shoes were bought offline and heaaaavilly altered. After cutting off most of the straps and painting the wedges white, I used E6000 to glue scraps from my Kairi dress over the toes and added more flowers. I'm pretty happy with them but they make me ridiculously tall xD; It's a bit awkward in photos but they were all I could find for a reasonable price.