Rose Dewitt Bukater

James Cameron's "Titanic"



My younger self would be so happy because of this cosplay. This was kind of a last minute addition to my lineup for Otakon. I needed something for Sunday and I was like 'hey, hey, hey it's in the closet, right there -points to it in closet-'.

The story behind that goes that when the movie first came out and I was small, my mom ended up buying a couple of the gown replicas and this was one of them. Of course I couldn't fit into them then, but now I can. So I asked her if I could wear one of them and she said yes! I love wearing this dress too. It fits like a charm and I love the detail work on it. So yeah, I have the best Mom ever. :D -hugs her for letting me wear this-

I borrowed this then and did my own make up. One of my friends did my hair, since I used my own hair, but have little to no experience using a curling iron. It turned out rather well! Hopefully I'll get to go as Rose in the future. I really do adore "Titanic" and her character. I hope you like it! ^_^


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Series James Cameron's "Titanic"
Character Rose Dewitt Bukater
Variant Yellow Dress


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