Gloha_h as Alisa Bosconovitch

Alisa Bosconovitch


Shunya Yamashita Version

Cosplayer: Gloha_h
Alisa Costume: I bought the wig online and sharpie dyed it by hand to get the two tone look. The hair clip is heat shaped craft foam with vinyl glued on and two daisies stitched on. Speaking of hand coloring, all the roses were initially white and I hand colored each petal blue. The roses can be detached from the collar and belt via snaps that were sewn on. The collar was free drafted from Bridal satin and has snaps under the flap to allow the coat straps to be clipped on. Metallic thread details the collar. The jacket was made with pink glittery cotton fabric using New Look Pattern 6163, then lined with pink satin. Before being sewn together I dip dyed the left side of the jacket using Dylon dye. Once the jacket was sewn together I dip dyed the bottom of the entire jacket and the left arm glove (which is also lined). Silver beads were handsewn place after being threaded with jewelry wire to hold their shape. The front of the jacket snaps shut with a snap on the inside of the jacket where the butterfly attaches to (pulling it more upwards). The butterfly pendant is two Hobby Lobby Christmas ornaments with blue cellophane sandwiched in between. White bridal fabric was used to make the corset, which is lined, boned and detailed with metallic thread. I used Burda Pattern 8601 to make the corset. I used silver stretch vinyl to create a sheathe around an old Bebe belt of mine. I handstitched the silver beads on the belt, as well as the silver gems. The blue gem was originally clear, but I painted the back with coats of blue nailpolish to give it the correct look. I serged white bridal satin together and handstitched it to the inside of the belt.I threaded jewelry wire through larger silver beads and handstitched them to the inside of the belt sheath. The lace on the armband and tights are two strips of lace overlapped with ribbon running through to hold it in place. Handmade bows were stitched on to keep with the detailing on the statuette. The tights were bought from and boiled with idye to get the proper coloring. The anklets are fluffy WalMart socks with black stretch vinyl covering it. The boots were made using Sarcasm Hime's tutorial ( I freedrafted the straps on the boots. The straps on the inside of the ankles are attached to the black anklets, but have snaps on the outside at the base and inside of the anklets to allow me to take the boots off. I handstitched blue gems on the diamond shaped part of the straps on the silver hoop area.