Costume took about 2 weeks to make. Base fabric of dress is mystery fabric from Japan and top fabric is silk chiffon that I dyed by hand to match the Japanese fabric.
Wig is from Arda and it's a Jeannie. All I did was take the ponytail clip out of the clip and glued it onto a styrofoam ball and glued that to a fabric covered empty roll of duck tape. There's a comb sewed inside and I just stick it on top of the wig. The bangs are just teased and hair sprayed and I thinned out the temple hair pieces cause they were a little ridiculous. Lastly I just curled everything and viola! It was pretty simple.

The hip sash was kind of a pain cause I had to BS a pattern together and I didn't have a french curve. I used leftover fabric from my Tudor gown's hood. The discs are just painted craft foam. I was just kind of done making the costume at this point and didn't care to do anything fancy.


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Series Hercules
Character Megara


Edestra Love this one and you look great in it!

Hlessirah Wow, I love it! The cosplay and the photos look great!

KoriStarfire Thanks! It was Butterick 4827.

Saji LOVE this! What pattern did you use for the dress?