Persona 3



Wig: 100%
MP3/Headphones: 100%
Jacket: 100%
Pants: 100%
Shirt: 100%
Ribbon: 100%
Shoes: 100%
Holster: 95%
Belt: 100%
Evoker: 100%


Wig: Arda's Magnum in Dark Blue with added wefts from a Dark Blue curly clip for volume.

Shirt: White dress shirt from Express

Pants: Men's black jeans from Forever 21

Belt: Military style belt from Amazon

MP3 Player: Official P3 Movie merch

Headphones: ATH-EM7 Audio Technica

Jacket: Pattern heavily modified from a Simplicity blazer pattern. School patch from Emmabelish on Etsy. S.E.E.S. armband from Ebay.

Boots: Black buckle boots from Forever 21.

Holster: Made of leather. Materials all available from Tandy Leather.

Evoker: Official P3 Movie merch


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Series Persona 3
Character Protagonist


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