Gunner Yuna

Final Fantasy X-2



Budget Cost: 106.54$

knit: 2.23$ (2 1/2 yards)
baby rib knit: 5.62$ (2 1/2 yards)
cotton-spandex: 5$ ( 1 yard)
Yellow upholstery vinyl: 6.86$ ( 2 3/8 yards)
Tan upholstery vinyl: 6.86$ ( 2 3/8 yards)
Aquamarine Dye: 2$
Royal Blue Dye: 2$
Lace: 11$
shoes: 10$
Guns: 50$

(cotton knit-woven-)

Drafted from a tank top. The top is double lined and top stitched. I modified the V plunge for modesty and so I can wear a bra. I added a zipper in the back.

* The lace is a separate piece and attaches to the inside of the shirt with snaps. I had to replace the lace and it is different from what is in the photographs.

*The Zanarkand symbol is made from EVA foam.

*The lace was dyed with Fushia RIT dye. The hood was made from leftover fabric and dyed the same color. I bought the white lace from SAS fabrics.

(cotton spandex)

+I used this method for the gradient dye:

*I used Aquamarine and Royal Blue. I used about 3/4 cups of Aquamarine for the lightest and middle color. I applied 2 tsp. of Royal Blue for the darker parts as the fabric darkened. I preferred a softer blue over the darker royal blue.

*I cut out strips of baby rib knit for the trims and ruffled them by hand.

(upholstery vinyl)

Measured biceps and made a pattern. Nothing interesting to say.

(upholstery vinyl)

I cut 4" (height) strip and folded it over. I used a iron to iron down the hems, so it was easier to sew.

*I used napkins as a pattern for the bag. The fringe is leather and was cut 2 mm's apart. The studs are hammered in. The bag is fully functional and attaches to the belt with a loop in the back.

*The embellishments are Crayola clay.

from closet

Bought from a second hand store, painted black and relaced with white laces.

Had these 3D printed through Heroes and Villains Designs.

I used this download:

reused from Songstress Yuna


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