Black Canary

DC Universe



LOVED this costume and duo with my husband as Green Arrow. Probably the easiest costume I've thrown together yet, even more than Velma!

Already owned the boots. Bought new fishnets (since mine have more pulls and catches by now) for $4 at Alin Party. The leotard was $15 from a dance supply website. The jacket was from Goodwill for about $9. I owned the choker already and the gloves are from Young Samus. Didn't even have to purchase a wig since my hair was long and styled perfectly. The only downside to that is I can't wear this costume if I cut my hair unless I get a wig.

MOST COMFORTABLE COSTUME EVER. And I feel so confident, strong and sexy in it. Best cosplay story ever: Stephen Amell (THE ARROW) ran up to us on Halloween on our way back from lunch to the LA convention center when he was getting out of his car to attend a King's game at the Staples center. STAR STRUCK!!!

Now Worn: Comikaze 2015


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Character Black Canary


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