My boyfriend got me into the Souls series shortly before Bloodborne came out. I got so hyped for the game I went out and bought a PS4 for it before he planned on picking one up!

I love a nice bad ass coat, so the hunter garb was right up my alley (not to mention the outfit being ridiculously complicated and covering nearly every inch of my body, lol - a recent tendency of my cosplays).

The face mask is made from some black knit fabric I had on hand. The scarf is some brown, somewhat shiny fabric I don't remember the name of. Both are just rectangles sewn togther. Super simple stuff. The pendant I bought from Etsy and spray painted the gem white. The chain is hand sewn onto the scarf.

The coat is made from a modified McCall's M7003. It's made of denim and is fully lined.

The vest is also from McCall's M7003, very heavily modified. It's made out of leather and closes with velcro. Buckles are from Etsy, spray painted gold.

The undershirt is made from McCall's 7018 with a striped shirting fabric I found at Joann's.

The pants are my go-to pants pattern, Simplicity 2477. They're made from broadcloth.

The gaiters/leg covers and knee pad things are made from a really nice dark brown garment-weight leather. My first time machine sewing leather - not too bad but not a fan. I made the pattern just by draping some muslin over the boot in a duct tape dummy of my leg.

The shin guards are made from veg-tan leather. I tooled the design into the leather and used leather dye. The edges are finished with beeswax.

Belts are also veg-tan leather, painted with acrylics with sewn details around the edges. They're finished with beeswax as well. There's also a side pouch which makes a nice cell phone holder!

The gloves are a lightweight faux leather. I modified a pattern I found online. The vambrace is veg-tan leather, tooled, dyed, and finished with beeswax. Straps attach with snaps. The gold detail is Worbla, primed with filler primer and spray painted gold.

The hat is made from wet-formed veg-tan leather. It's dyed with Fiebing's. I used sandpaper to distress the ends. I made a write-up for it here:

The saw cleaver blade is EVA foam covered in worbla. The marks on the blade are etched in with a dremel. The handle is PVC pipe with wood for the part that holds onto the blade. It's painted with both spray paint and acrylics. The bandages are muslin, coffee-stained and dry brushed with acrylics. The thin wraps on the handle are some kind of cording I found at Joanns. Then the whole thing got a coat of fake blood.

The hunter pistol is also EVA foam covered in worbla. All the details are worbla as well.


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LordDraco3 This looks so good so far! I'm really jealous of that coat, it looks like it came right out of the game