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This was a costume that originally I wasn't too sure of, but Kayla kept telling me she thought I would make a good Peggy, so finally I relented. I said I would do it if I could find the right color fabric for the suit because I am super picky.

I did eventually find the right blue in a blend suiting fabric. The jacket is fully lined and the skirt is serged. I used some of the vintage reproduction patterns that McCall's (I think that's the company, I will correct this later if it isn't) put out recently. They were actually 1930s patterns, but did well for Peggy.

The shirt is a more modern pattern but had the right collar, so I went with it. It is made of a crepe fabric and then I did the red stitched lines on the collar and cuffs that you can't really see well in pictures until you find close-up promotional stills. I didn't do as many lines as she has, but they are there nonetheless.

The hat came from Amazon. I just looked for a wide brimmed ladies fedora. When it was shipped, I was terrified it wasn't going to work because they somehow managed to squash the thing down into a shipping envelope. But with a lot of patience and steam, I was able to shape it into her style. The hatband is made of three different grosgrain ribbons sewn together in the right color order and then hand stitched down on the hat. I am just missing the little button she has on her hat. The wig was from and was pretty much perfect out of the bag, which made me happy because I suck at styling...

I already owned the shoes, and they were so similar I didn't bother buying something different. Peggy's have a peep toe, but hey, not having to buy shoes drove my decision. I wore thigh high stocking with the costume, but ended up having to get panty hose to wear at the con because I forgot the garters to hold them up all day...whoops!

I bought the prop gun to help finish out the look because an agent always needs her weapons.

I actually debuted this costume at the Avengers Age of Ultron early showing in Memphis, but that was mostly a trial run to make sure it was convention ready, and it was^^

Hopefully before too long I can do an actual photo shoot so I have decent photos of this costume. I really am proud of how it turned out and want good pictures of it.


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