Maka Albarn

Soul Eater



This was my first cosplay where I did sewing. My grandma helped me a lot since I never made anything myself before. We made a pattern for and sewed the collar as a separate piece. It has some snap buttons so that I could slide it on and off my head easily. We had to sew down the collar on the button down shirt since it got in the way of the sailor collar. The skirt was also made by me. It has an elastic waistband so I could roll it up to shorten it. The buckle for the boots is made of craft foam. Scythe was commissioned from a friend. Unfortunately it was extremely top-heavy since the blade was made of wood and the handle was pvc. Fun Fact: I cut my hair and lightened it over time specifically so I could get that natural, limp pigtail look that Maka's design has.


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Series Soul Eater
Character Maka Albarn
Variant Spartoi Unit


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