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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

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It all started out as one giant joke.
"Who're you gonna call?"
"Panty and...Stocking?"
Kalasnacks and I giggled and giggled over the idea of Panty and Stocking joining the Ghostbuster's crew for many hi-jinks, and even joked about making designs for such an ordeal. The idea fell to the wayside as we got distracted by other cons.
When the time came for us to start deciding what costumes we would make for DragonCon 2011 we concluded there would never be a more perfect venue for such an idea. We set to designing almost immediately.
Wearing these was a blast. We got to be part of two fandoms at once, and we met some pretty excited PSG and GB fans alike!
The designs are our original creation. We tried to stay as true to the characters as we could. They're made of a khaki bottom weight, and the belt-buckles are actually reflectors! The glow when people take photos with flash, it's pretty awesome. Kalasnacks even made heaven coins to show off our ghostly trophies, but unfortunately we didn't get photos of them! Honeneko is tucked into my small backpack (Panty and Stocking presumably don't need Proton Blasters since they have Backlace and Stripe to do the dirty work) and peeks over my shoulder while we walk around. These couldn't have been any more fun to wear.


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Viveeh I think this is awesome!

caltrops This is amazing... I love that you braided her hair, too

carladawn hahahahaha this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

benihime when I first saw this I thought "..........what" but you guys did something really creative!!! I really like the idea...a truly great crossover :)

PosiTori I LOVE this version of Panty and Stocking. *so awesome*