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A video of this costume is available at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRbXQKoid-Y&feature=plcp

To check out my other costumes feel free to visit www.silantre.com

This costume is my own design based on Fenris, a creature from Norse Mythology, possibly better known as Fenrir or Fenrisulphur.

This is my first ever attempt at any sort of fursuit/quadsuit, use of animatronics or making large wings (So please forgive any mistakes as I was learning while making, since finishing this costume I have learnt so much and am ready to get going on an even more professionally finished animal costume, a Hippogryph from World of Warcraft).

Overall the costume has taken roughly 6 months to make and more money then I care to admit to. The costume has many features that are all listed below:

-Moving lower jaw (controlled by person in the costume)
-Jointed front stilts
-Digigraded padding
-Built in drinks container
-Collapsible wings
-Removable wings
-Free moving tail
-Wet-look nose and mouth/teeth/tongue
-Lightup eyes
-Remote controlled blinking (animatronic)
-Remote controlled snarling (animatronic)
-Separate fur and body padding for easier maintenance
-Cooling fan in neck


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