Ranka Lee

Macross Frontier



Ahhh well I made Ranka really because cachalot and majesticlunacy were doing a Frontier group and so I thought hey why not? Plus I've been looking for an excuse to buy red contacts hahah

The dress is yellow broadcloth and it is actually much brighter than it should be, which bothers me =_= it looked light at Joanns and then BAM when I got home. sadface
The scarf is of the same material.
The designs on the bottom were painted.
I owned the boots (which are kind of inaccurate but oh well)
The wig I bought off the marketplace and need to restyle a bit more.
I made the necklace of sculpey.
Also I made the patterns for this dress. :D

I have enough fabric for another dress, so if you're interested in one, let me know! : D


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Series Macross Frontier
Character Ranka Lee


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