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This is another one I've been wanting to do for a long time. I've already had casual clothes which are somewhat like Killua's for a while, but they're not entirely accurate, so I decided to make this outfit properly, as a cosplay.

It turned out to be kinda a mix of different versions at first though. I started on this before the new anime was announced, so the clothes and shoes were based mostly on the old version. But when those were already done, the announcement happened, and I really liked the colour scheme of the new anime version, so I went with that design for the skateboard.

I used shorts which I already owned, and I bought his long sleeved shirt. For the short-sleeved shirt I took a plain white T-shirt I had lying around, dyed it and cut out the v-neck.

The skateboard is made by altering a bought skateboard. The only thing that was right about it were the orange wheels though, so I had to pull off all the stickers, sand it clean, saw a part of the back, move the back wheels a bit to the front to regain balance, and then paint it. It was really a hassle! In-progress photos can be viewed here:

I made the shoes myself too, in a similar manner as I made my shoes for Trunks.

When I wore this again at Abunai 2012, I wanted to make it more consistant to one version, so I entirely re-made the clothes from scratch according to the 2011 anime's colours and design. I also made some Chocorobokun boxes, which turned out to be very fun props to work with.

After 5 years of re-using and re-styling the same wig, I finally got a new one for Super Comic City in 2016. It's a very different type of wig , so I had a hard time making it look similar to my old one, but even if it's different, I like how it turned out in the end.

This is probably one costume I'll keep wearing and upgrading as long as there's room for improvement.


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AyySL Nice! Props to the Killua love. He's definitely my next cosplay.