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A goth club in New Jersey I go to a few times a year recently had a video game themed event. Naturally, since I couldn't go to Otakon this year, I was determined to go (it was the same weekend too)! I don't have many video game cosplays in my arsenal from recent years, so I decided to whip up a brand new costume for this event. Help fill the creative void that not going to Otakon had generated.

I've been planning Mileena for a long time and was extra motivated with the new MK game. However, considering that I'm still working on getting in shape, there was no chance of me wearing any of her skimpier ensembles, even if I modified them to be more modest. Not to mention that since I was giving myself a week for build, I needed something easier. Since they just released the retro costume for MK9 I thought I'd go with that! Classic but not silly looking like the MK2 debut costumes.

I also wanted to make this costume affordable, so the plan was to use as much on hand materials as possible. I already knew I needed a wig and of course I WAS NOT going without a prosthetic, so I needed to save my more expensive purchases on the casting supplies for my bf, Wolfmux who naturally did my fx make-up.

Bodysuit: I was in no way making the bodysuit entirely out of spandex. I have such a pet peeve against this!!!! I had leftover plain and textured purple vinyl that we've used on multiple costumes and I picked up some black vinyl as well. Now, making a form fitting vinyl suit in a week, one that fits perfectly, is really difficult, so of course I had to use some spandex for a better fit. Now, I didn't use any patterns what so ever. Sizing my body form to my measurements, I drew on and cut up newspaper to map out my own patterns. I didn't have a lot of textured vinyl left, so the front is textured and the back panel isn't. The sides have a small insert of spandex to help with a better fit. I played with the vinyl and figured out the best places for darting. This was all a bit rough since you can't screw up on vinyl. You put a hole in it with pins or by sewing and that's it! I had to really take my time and make sure I knew what I was doing before I did it. Once I had the upper body done, I mimicked the same structure with black satin and spandex inserts again for the lining, finally sewing both layers right sides together and flipping it right side out (I left open the tops by where the collar would attach and the bottom). Next was the crotch area. I would have really preferred this to be in vinyl and I put it together, continuing the spandex inserts down the sides, but since the only way in and out of this costume was to step into it, the small amount of spandex just wasn't enough give to get my hips in. Not only did the vinyl rip, but since it wasn't as good as I was hoping, it flaked EVERYWHERE. On this I had to compromise and make the entire lower half out of spandex. I whipped up a collar, and the black trim for the front, and attached it all together. I used my cropadile to add all the eyelets, happen to have a nifty clasp on hand, and picked up some braided leather cord. The only annoying thing about this costume is that I have to unlace the entire thing to get in and out of it. Overall it really wasn't hard, just using a material that cannot recover from mistakes was the challenge. I started this on a Sunday and worked on it every day after work until it was finally done Friday evening.

Gloves: I wanted lighter weight gloves, but I forgot to get satin ones from the fashion district. None of the clothing stores had their winter stock in yet and the gloves I got from Party City sucked horribly. I sacrificed a pair of winter gloves, gluing the vinyl straight on along with some suede cord.

Armbands: About 2/3's vinyl for a nice appearance and 1/3 spandex, so they would stay on comfortably.

Boots: I started these Friday evening and didn't finish them until Saturday afternoon (went to sleep about 3 am or so). I picked up a pair of cheap boots from Burlington (thank god they got boots in, nobody else had cheap boots) that were crappy vinyl. I was out of large pieces of textured vinyl, so I used the plain....which I think looks nicer anyways. Even then, I was running low on supplies, so the thigh high boots were out of the question, not to mention that since I had a full 24 hours left to finish, figuring out the physics to turn knee highs into stable thigh highs wasn't on my to do list. Typically I would've used E6000 to glue the fabric on, but once again, time was not on my side. I resorted to an industrial hot glue gun. For the lower half of the boot, I simply followed the sections laid out in the shape and stitching, stretching and pulling the fabric so it looked smooth. For the upper half, I studied the basic design of the black and purple on the thigh highs and then shrunk it down to fit the knee highs. Since the leather was looking rough and flat, even with careful cutting I decided to line each section with the suede cord. The boots need a little repair after dancing all night and this I'll do with some E6000 for a more permanent seal.

Belt, Pouch, Trail: So, I didn't feel like prancing around in spandex bottoms and have my bottom be the focus of attention. I decided to add my own touch, taking inspiration from other Mileena designs. I made a trail that would attach to a thin belt. By this time I was out of purple vinyl, so I used black for the main section and trimmed it in a textured black vinyl I had lying around. I gave a purple touch by gluing the suede cord on the seams. This part was done fast and is a little sloppy, so it's the only piece I'd like to complete remake. I found a great bag that I was able to cut the strap from and string on the belt. Horray for no purse at the club!

Mask/Veil (not shown): I didn't wear it at the club, but I did wear it on the road since I was driving bout half an hour each way. No sense in causing a stir and drawing lots of public attention to myself. Bad enough I was out pumping gas in my costume. I used purple satin lined with a lightweight black (I actually don't know what kind of fabric it was) so that I could breathe (the prosthetic was going to be hot and stuffy enough). I wasn't sure how big the prosthetic was going to end up being on my face since my bf was at work and had not pulled the final product from the mold, so I decided on a veil. It was a quick shape that fit my face with suede cord sewed on at the corners so it could be tied around my head. I glued on some black vinyl in the teeth shape most of her veils have now and lined it with the suede cord for emphasis.

I could not find my plastic sai. Hopefully I'll have them for Halloween.

I chose a wig that modeled her MK9 look because there was no way I was going to the trouble to up-do a wig (my hair is back to super duper short).

Prosthetic: Ok, so this is my bf, Wolfmux's department, but I can give you a rundown of how this was done. We recently discovered a fantastic kit from It's the face casting kit. BUY IT! It comes with everything you need, EVERYTHING to cast your face for only $55. And it's good stuff. It would be good to have more than one buddy help you. My bf did it on his own and had a few problems that could've been solved with a couple of extra hands. Once he had a cast of my face he sculpted the lower face/mouth. Using Friendly Plastic, he made the teeth, painted them with special teeth paint, and stuck them in the clay to make the indents where they would eventually be glued. After the clay sculpture was complete, the teeth were removed, and a mold made in plaster. A couple of layers of latex were painted in the mold, the prosthetic pulled when dry, and the teeth glued in. He used my liquid foundation for the base color and then used some of his ben nye make-up for additional shadows/highlights. The piece was glued to my face with spirit gum and the edges blended in with further applications of latex. More make-up was applied to the piece and my face to smooth the color transition and lastly black grease paint was heavily applied where my face was exposed beneath.

More photos to come! Hopefully even more around Halloween! =D


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