Little Sister

BioShock 2



This costume was made by the amazing terabith! Here follows her description on the dress:

dress is the mccalls alice pattern I think. modified the whole thing to be a size smaller and made the sleeves MUCH smaller. collar I just made up. got a light purple fabric that I died with dark brown Rit dye to be darker and sewed on all the purple stripes which were a kind of ribbon I think. I had at least 30 meters of the stuff. apron was also made up, sewed and glued on and two strips of fabric sewn on the back to tie into a bow.

syringe was made from volpin's instructions but it's not water tight yet so I have no adam, I hope I can remedy this soon and do a proper photoshoot. i'm also missing the rip in the sleeve and a bow in my hair so hopefully that can be finished up soon for some proper photos.

dirt on the dress was done with heavily watered down brown and black acrylic paint on the white parts, and darn brown rit dye on the purple parts. realized after that maybe coffee/tea would have worked fine. real blood is on there too around the bottom of the stress in streaks and splatters and a bit on the apron as well. some blood stains I immediately put oxy clean (tide to go) on to turn them into this disgusting brown color, to have some fresh blood and some old icky blood.

big daddy doll borrowed from a friend, you can buy these. no time to make my own! blue butterfly pin was given to me from either 2K or Digital Extremes, I'm not sure who ordered them.

I'm currently working on modifying the syringe gun to make it watertight - I want to put some red liquid inside for "ADAM," as well as some LEDs to make it glow.

Also making/weathering a bow for my hair, and I need to decide on some sort of footwear, even though the little sisters go barefoot (I ended up wearing sandals that I slipped off for photos).

Used the Big Daddy Bouncer doll by Neca props as a prop as well.


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