Final Fantasy X-2



Most of armor is made out of craft foam. The breastplate has a wire sculpture of my form underneath. Spray painted with bronze and gold and then turquoise and red orange painted with acryllic. Weathered with black acryllic and coated with future floor wax for shine.
Bikini bottom is made from turquoise shorts, altered. Orange leg random annoying things are old white tights dyed orange and altered to fit my thighs.
Earrings are white feathers painted with acryllic and an overlay of a fluffy orange feather.
Green contacts tew :3
Wig styled by myself.

Masamune made by my awesome dad, Muten. It is three pieces of plywood glued together, cut, sanded. Spray painted, waxed for extra shine. Any questions about the prop, ask him. xD

This costume is really uncomfortable as I can't really bend my arms! XD So I almost passed out from not drinking or eating (I couldn't move my arms enough to pour water so I had my brother feed and water me lol)

I know it is not the best armor out there, but it was my first time seriously making armor. If you are being constructive, you are welcome to give me tips. I do not want rude comments as I received some when I wore this.
I also love my YRP!!! xD Thanks so much to cachalot and MajesticLunacy for being epic Yuna and Paine!!! Thanks for dealing with my immobility XD
And also Toeskater91 for carrying my sword and being so nice and helpful!
and my brother and dad for feeding me, fixing me, and helping me :)
But if you have any questions, feel free to PM me! :D


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku
Variant Dark Knight


angelbabycakes Oh wow! This is a dream cosplay of mine. You pulled it off beautifully. Great job! <3

mentokjebus unbelievable detail. great work! Thanks for your comment(s) on mine!

Hopie This is fantastic! I've always loved the Dark Knight versions but could never wrap my mind around actually making them! You look sweet!

auronlu YES! Somebody pulled it off! And I'm so not surprised it's you. :D Looks fantastic. That Masamune is just scary, but the armor was (I'm guessing) even more of a bear to get right.

Sheik Chan Super awesome! I finished my trainer Rikku! I wish we could take pics together.

Axelstar soooooooo effen awesome!!!