Kim Pine

Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness



This costume, as I've chosen to do it, is definitely more "Goth" than "Lolita"... but so is Kim ^_^ Even though my wig is definitely movie-based, the dress is based on the comic design, with a couple minor interpretive differences (just the lacing at the front and ribbon ties on the sleeves).

I based the dress on the Simplicity pattern #2832 with alterations to the skirt construction and sleeve design. I chose a heavy-weight (read: upholstery weight T_T) dull black satin for the fabric, and regretted my choice while sewing... The fabric turned out to be far too heavy to actually gather, so every "gathered" part of the dress is actually tiny individual pleats, which were a huge time-consuming project in and of themselves. I'm happy with the results though. There's horse hair braid in the skirt hem to help keep it full, and a "cheated" crinoline which is pretty much just there for looks ^_^
The hair bow is sewn from the same fabric as the dress and is attached to a headband. Other accessories (cuffs, boots) are store-bought.

Icon photo taken at Wizard World Toronto ComiCon by Santiago Ortega, 2011


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TiberiusScipio well done girl! Its always nice to see more book based characters out and about.