I loved the 'Turn Back the Pendulum' flashback because it provided an insight into Yoruichi's mysterious past and how she went from a (more or less) respected leader in Soul Society to a badass outlaw character!

Her outfit is based on traditional Japanese clothing (a haori and a hakama) which I hadn't done before, but the patterns were easy to make. The taichou coat / haori gave me a hard time, however, because it had to be made of three layers of fabric (11 yds total!) to keep the orange lining from shining through the white outer layer.

The wig was dyed the same color as my other Yoruichi wig and styled with lots of hairspray and a tiny bit of foam core for the spikes.

The white top underneath is a boned corsage; the rest is self-explanatory, I guess^^

Check out this photoshoot with Niklas Liebig:
I love working with him, the time (sunrise) and place (EXPO 2000 / former world exhibition fairground) were perfect!

Cost: EUR 145 / ~US$ 200


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Series Bleach
Character Yoruichi
Variant Taichou / Flashback


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