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Here it is! My costume for 1st polish eliminations for EC 2011. Theres no words how happy i am to get the opportunity for London championships again! I'll do my best!

Costume itself took 2,5 month to make. I put all my heart and skills into this work. I learnt again alot about new materials and lvled up in constructioning ;3
Wings contains of about 700 geese feathers and pvc pipes stellar.For the armor i used craft foam, acrylic spheres and cut in the right shape mannequin. But the real fun were hand and spear! I basically used expanding foam for the base and carved the "flames" in seperate little foam piece. Then i put paper mache on it, sanded and glued to base where i had place to put my real hands in. Every single "flame" was enhardened with wood glue and painted. It was so much work! Especially for spear where i used plexiglass with 56 LED lights. I also had LED lights eyes for the presentation. So much electronic fun! I am also very happy of my make up and fake fangs. Rawring on random people and seeing their terrified faces was just too awesome. ;3 Skirt and cloak were burned on the ends to make them look old and ripped.
Cosplay of this sizes is seriously tiring but the satissfaction is undescribleable!

Group presentation:
Solo EC presentation:

// 2014 - costume got remake , new armor, hands and corset.


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Character Valkyrie Randgris


G3n3sis Hiiiiii Shappi !! I'm Genesis (from Spain) First, your cosplay is amazing, it is normal that you will qualify to go to London ^ ^, I hope to meet you there in London, since I too have chosen ^ ^ From here I send you a big hug

Earl Astaroth i can't wait to meet you in october either *_* wah, i'm so excited *_*

Mi-Young Dzisiaj mi się przypomniał mój zachwyt nad tobą :P Pewnie już pełno osób ci to mówiło, ale czuje potrzebę powiedzieć od siebie: W pełni zasłużyłaś na wygraną eliminacji jako nagrodę choćby za to jak się (wciąż!) rozwijasz. Każdy twój kolejny cosplay jest o level lepszy od poprzedniego! Aż nie mogę się doczekać co będzie na EC :DDDD hugs and kisses - your biggest fan 8D

Kacela Incredible costume! Congratulations on qualifying again, you deserve it =]

AanZku Awesome! *_*

-Yuriko- Amazing costume and presentation sweetie! I am not taking part this year, but I am planning to visit the Expo in october, so hopefully we can meet there! :3

Spik€ Congrats dear ! You're amazing !